WilburNote normally puts its quick notes in the folder it was started from and while it is possible to specify an alternate folder, this can only be done by setting a value in the registry. A better option should be included in directly in WilburNote as most folks are understandably reluctant to fiddle with the registry.

In the mean time, Leo Singh has offered a simple utility to make this setting:


It's use is pretty self explanatory, but here is the description that Leo sent:

Read - reads from registry if already set.

Write - writes to registry whatever is specified in the "Current Location" box. It must be a valid path. Permissions to write to that path is not checked. UNC names work.

The select path could be done better but I don't like the standard directory selection dialog of windows so I'm using the file selection dialog but stripping any file name passed in. With the file dialog you can see some of the contents of the directory during selection. In an empty directory a dummy file name typed in the dialog will allow you to select the path also, so the dummy file doesn't have to exist.

You can also type a name in the "Current location". It's value is used by both "Write" to write into registry and by "Select" to start the file dialog at that location. I tested it only on Win NT.


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