Wilbur Download Locations

Please click on the link below to download Wilbur (approximately 1.3 meg):

and courtesy of generous users:

Wilbur comes as a self installing executable file. Simply download it to a convenient location, run it and follow the on screen installation instructions.

Note that some users may require an update to some system files. If when you try to run Wilbur you receive a message saying OLEAUT32.DLL is missing, please download this Microsoft update file - oadist.exe. Simply run it to update your system.  Similarly you may need another upgrade from Microsoft (40comupd.exe).   Most users will not need these as the patches are installed with some newer MS software including the Internet Explorer.

Wilbur is user supported software. If you have any problems with Wilbur, suggestions for how he could be improved or just comments, please post them on the Wilbur discussion forum, WilburTalk. If you are a Wilbur veteran, perhaps you might consider subscribing to WilburTalk and helping folks out from time to time.

If you are interested in downloading source, please click here.


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