Jay's Report - March 16, 2008

New Powder Felt Good

The hill reported about 41 cm’s the last couple of days. That seemed about right. Turns were soft, deep and mostly fresh on Saturday with a generous dose of untouched patches on Sunday. Nothing like a few weeks of hard snow skiing, crud and wind swept to tighten up the style and balance. Sure was good to get back on powder.

Runs like Redtree and Steep and Deep were awesome and mostly untouched. The upper traverse to Snake was closed most of Saturday but reopened on Sunday. Conditions overall were grand. Boomerang Ridge and Main were superb as was Linda’s. Cedar Ridge was also delightful. On the other side of the mountain, Big Bang and Lift Line were great. The hill was surprisingly sparsely attended this weekend. Not sure where everyone was. But it does tend support the Hill’s earlier announced closing date this year, which is scheduled for April 5 weekend. The Hill announced that it intended to close a week early, citing earlier spring and snow conditions, though many locals believe that the real reason is economics. I’m not much of a spring skiing enthusiast but this spring could be one of the better spring seasons ever. Most of the working Aussies and Kiwis are planning to vacate by the end of March so that they don’t have to pay for another month of rent with only a few work days at the hill to offset that expense. I remember a few years ago when our accented friends migrated back earlier than usual we had one of the largest dumps of the season in the first week of April. Could happen again this year but if it happens after the first week in April, you’ll need touring skis to slog up the hill enjoy. Could be time to dust off the windsurfer and water skis.

At the house its +3 C. Forecast is for flurries this week.

Don on Redtree

On Steep and Deep

Terese on Steep and Deep. Notice heavier chunks of powder or light porridge variety. Still nice.

UFO siting in Fernie at Griz Days last weekend.

Another UFO. The air that the Down Hill Dummies are getting these days is most entertaining.

I think this one hit a car in the parking lot.

Another crash landing.

And what is a Down Hill Dummy Derby without the ceremonial Beer Can entry?

And, of course, a Mogul Smoker.