Craig's Report - April 02, 2008

Final Days

There may be only four days of lift serviced skiing left, but apparently someone forgot to tell the Griz, for another half a metre of snow has fallen on the mountain in the last week, which pushed the total for the season to over 11 metres. I have heard that Sunday and Tuesday were particularly good, but unfortunately I was away for a few days. Still even after the hill had been well used, you could still score some powder turns today in some of the shadier areas. It was also possible to find some slick spots on places like Puff, but overall it was pretty fine skiing and the coverage continues to be essentially perfect.

It was hot dog day today, when folks are encouraged to turn up in eighties garb and even equipment. I, of course, forgot all about it, but lots of folks didn't and the hill was alive with colourful and imaginative apparel. In many cases I suspect the wardrobe might have predated the wearer, especially as fair amount seemed more inspired by the sixties or seventies than the eighties. This was particularly amusingly anachronistic when seen on a snow boarder. Lots of beer and whooping was also involved, which helped make the old side, where I believe a barbecue was held over on Wallaby, a pretty lively place. It was much more sedate on the new side.

This coming Saturday, the day before closing, features the annual Powder, Peddle, Paddle race. If you haven't heard of this, it is a fun relay race that starts with skiing down the mountain, followed by a bike ride to town, a paddle down the river to the base of the ski hill road and then a run back up to the resort plaza. It is most commonly done by teams, but some folks do the whole thing solo. The big snow banks that still line the river this year should make that section particularly interesting.

At 17:10 it is bright and sunny and 5 C at the house. Perhaps spring will come after all.

Elephant Head and its cornice loom above the White Pass top in this shot from the Currie Chutes. 123 is lower left while the groomed Down Right is at the lower right.

Lizard Bowl from the top of the Bear chair.

It was a colourful day. This was also from the top of the Bear chair.

Cedar Ridge, here near the bottom of King Fir still had some nice pockets of powder in spots.

Cedar Ridge again, this time from the edge of North Ridge, with upper Cedar Bowl in the background.

Looking back up North Ridge from the same spot. The Boom chair unload is visible at the top.

Lizard Bowl

Lower Heart Land from the White Pass chair.

Big Bang is in the centre, with Puff on the right.

The snow on the sun soaked parts of the Currie Chutes was a bit stiff and grabby, but better than I expected.