John's Report - February 21, 2007

Tuesday's Report

Tuesday was a red-banner day. There were 15 cm over Monday night and snow continued all day Tuesday, gathering in intensity towards days� end. Although the wind, at times, lead to near white conditions, the temperatures were mild, hovering not much below zero. The snow fell as little balls of crystal which laid down a substantial creamy cover. On the other hand there were closures in all the usual areas for avalanche control. This didn�t matter, especially by noon, when Currie opened. Remarkably, for the first time this year, I was standing at the rope when it came down. In a wild melee, 75 people threw themselves over the lip and charged into Currie bowl. Not wanting to miss out I did the same & had my first, first-tracks of the day. Tour after tour of Currie over the afternoon gave up repeated fresh tracks. Even the last run, at 4:30, down Sky Dive was a cream dream. There are places which still have ice, but they are now, thankfully, few and far between.


Overall, the snow was about boot deep but, in many places, was much deeper

The upper traverse to Currie Ridge was closed all day, but the lower traverse was open

The lower Currie traverse during a lull in the winds

At the end of Currie Ridge looking into Stag Leap Trees

The only tracks in Stag Leap Trees were mine.

And below were the untouched snows of Stag Leap proper.

Aussie Mark ripping down 3 on the 123s.

Both Stag Leap and Decline were really good on top, allowing for wide easy turns. However, about 1/2 way down, the ice hard mogul tops were occassionally evident under the powder.