Craig's Report - March 01, 2007

It Doesn�t Get Much Better

Griz magic somehow extracted 25 cms of high grade powder out of stingy forecasts to produce one of the best days of the year. Falling as it did on a fine foundation that included lots of as yet unprocessed powder, the result in many places was knee deep or better even when stopped and breaking mid thigh or waist deep when under way. There is something rather pleasing about the sound of powder hissing on the shoulders of your jacket. It is rare one would find a better day of resort skiing.

Everything was good and the only problem was deciding what to ski next and progressive opening kept the choices coming. By the end of our day only the Saddles and upper Lizard and the Face Lift runs were still closed and we were still getting thigh deep turns. The only concern was that it was getting rather warm at the base near the end of the day and snow low on the mountain was slipping out of the powder range. Not a problem at all today, but perhaps not a good omen for coming days, which are forecast to be troublingly warm.

As a side note, the hill has now passed the 3 metre mark in settled snow depth, as measured at the Bear snow plot. This is a nice way to start Griz Days, which runs through the weekend and includes the Dummy Downhill, torchlight parade and many other events.

At 16:20 it is -1 C at the house under a partially cloudy sky

Perhaps not a bad day to miss school?

Currie Bowl with Lower Barracuda in the center.

The view of Lizard Bowl from Easter Bowl.

Tara in Gorbie Bowl on our last loop.