John's Report - March 23, 2006

Wednesday�s Report - Conditions Mixed

I love spring skiing with its bright days, warm temperatures and pliable snow. However Wednesday�s skiing showed we are not quite yet there. The day was overcast with about a centimetre of new snow; just enough to gather in low spots for an edge. Temperatures ranged from high single digits at the bottom to about freezing on the top. The snow itself ranged from soft and easy to hard mine fields of death cookies.

Essentially, as one might expect, the high south slopes presented the hardest terrain. While Shakey�s Acres were acceptable, Surprize was an icy slide, only made acceptable by an untracked film of new snow. Tom�s Run proved to be a disaster with knee dislocating ruts, bumps and death cookies leading to a bail out only a quarter of the way down. Currie�s valley bottom was very icy until reaching the gully at bottom 1/3 of the bowl. On the other hand the 123s was soft and offered wide turns and an enjoyable run.

On the �Old Side� descents off of Cedar Ridge were very kind, with the snow reaching spring-like conditions about � way down. Boom Bowl was acceptable with easy edges possible, but not guaranteed. Again, things got better as one went down. On the other hand, Sunnyside was dreadful, being only slightly better than Tom�s (which really isn�t saying much). The surprise of the day was Kangaroo, which proved to offer soft, albeit deeply moguled, skiing all the way down.

We are on the very cusp of Spring skiing. With high temperatures being predicted for the next 5 days, it is very likely we will be into full fledged spring skiing by this weekend.

As I forgot to bring a camera, for visual interest, I am recycling some pictures taken last weekend.

Happy tracks.

Polar Peak was particularly popular last weekend

At the top of the 123s

Lift Line/Puff Trees

Four brave souls attempting a descent off Currie Bowl Ridge