Jay's Report - February 13, 2006

Conditions are Fun but we were Spoiled

It hasn't snowed in about a week now. Nonetheless, conditions have been oddly good. There is nothing wrong with a 10 ft base. The snow has an odd spay to it from the hard pack. Truth is it's not really hard pack in the traditional sense. It's more like semi-hard, dusty, carvy pack. Think chalk and saw dust spraying off your skis down runs like Boomerang and Concussion. It's kind of cool. The spray tends to accumulate on the sides of the runs to produce a fictional powderish dry detergent type of snow. Gives you the illusion of being in boot top powder. You get the point.

If you were in the mood for hiking, there were fresh tracks, albeit mixed with hard hard tracks, above face lift, up Polar Peak and up the spine of Snake Ridge. Temperatures have been colder but the sunny skies over the weekend gave a post card blue back ground to the landscape.

We were spoiled with the snows of January. Spoiled or not, it's almost time to start thinking about ritualistic powder evalangalism practices again.....

The Mysterious Gorby Bowl Face. Nice shot Mike.

Lots of tracks on Heiko's Run. Don't Know who put'em there. Take a look at the track on the right: turn, turn, turn, turn...where'd he go?

Tracks on Upper Snake

Sunlit Lizard Bowl

Chris from England. Until I looked at this picture, I didn't know there was a run called Deep Space. Don't know where it is.

Deb on Concussion. Note kick up of dust, saw dust snow