Jay's Report - February 05, 2006


I don�t usually fall for forecasts. But the forecast for this weekend was for a big if not spectacular dump. I fell for this one hook, line and sinker. Even the Weather Elf webbed confirmation of snow and more snow. But dump it did not. The hill recorded 4 cm Friday night and miserly 2ish on Saturday. I was disappointed, but I suppose I shouldn�t complain. The skiing was great on soft powder and blown in sift. It certainly wasn�t of the gargling, in your face variety as was forecasted, but good if not excellent nonetheless. And hey, the coverage on the hill continues to marvel. Some cliffs that I know to exist have been reduced to mere moguls by the snow pack. The hill is reporting 337 cm of base. That�s about 10 feet. Another 10 feet and I could completely bury my Hobie Cat with the mast up. Then my wife wouldn�t complain about it being in the back yard. I shared a lift with an Irish gent who rightly suggested that I shouldn�t be so whiney about the lack of a dump. Made me think of a limerick.

You are a chump the Irishman teased. With Fernie you should be pleased. I may be a chump but in a true Fernie dump, the snow is so deep you can�t breathe.

Okay. Enough of that.

Cedar Trees, Linda�s Run, King Fir and Boomerang were all tremendous under boot top, silky powder. This led us to the false conclusion that we should even pay homage to the Roo; Kangaroo, that is. Let me say this about the Roo because there is no other cut run on the mountain that consistently imbalances the best intentioned skier. Paying homage to the Roo is a necessary evil for Fernie skiers. It�s the one of the most unnerving cut runs on the mountain. Local ski veteran Shawn correctly surmises that if you happen to actually stay on top of your skis, take the line you planned to and don�t hit anything or break anything on the Roo, then you should just pack up and go home after that "cause it ain�t going to get any better than that". I know it to be true. The Roo was, well, not recommended.

If you were fortunate enough to make it over to Snake or Redtree before the upper traverse to Cedar Bowl closed on Saturday, then you would have lined some knee top fresh. But Cedar Bowl was closed most of the weekend due to high avalanche hazard.

Stag Leap was sweet on skier�s left where the high winds brought in powder filler. Concussion and Tom�s run also had surprisingly complete wind swept silky filler.

All in all a very good ski weekend; though, I suspect the Powder 8 participants were left somewhat wanting. With more snow in the forecast though, I once again hold great anticipation.

It is currently minus 2C and snowing.

Doggin it on Easter Bowl. Mojo the Avi dog gets a workout on Easter. Great pic Mike.

Riley on Concussion, bent pole and all.

Mike on Concussion. You can see the snow being blown around in the background. It was windy this weekend.

Tony on Tom's Run. Powder was boot top in places but was of the blown in variety.

Competitors in the Powder 8's Competition. Winners recieved a week long heli-skiing trip. Competition was understandably fierce.

Competitors in the Powder 8's

Mike and Phil, competitors in the Powder 8's

Coming down Concussion.