Craig's Report - February 08, 2006

A Wind Groomed Magic Carpet Ride

The robust wind of the last few days has left much of the mountain with smooth, near perfect packed surfaces. In many cases there is little or no trace of previous moguls and in all cases the snow holds in such a fierce, but friendly manner that it is almost possible to convince yourself that you are getting the hang of this slippery board business. The only exception I encountered was on my normally beloved Snake Ridge, where the snow had been insufficiently compacted and had a wind crust that wasn�t quite up to the job of supporting you. It wasn�t really hideous, except in comparison with the treats elsewhere.

The winds had moderated today with only the odd gust and the temperatures were pleasant without seeming too warm. Add to that relatively few people in advance of the looming university reading weeks and you have a pretty decent ski experience. Granted a generous layer of soft powder on top would not be unwelcome, but barring that, it hard to imagine things being much better.

At 17:20 it is 3 C and cloudy at the house with a light wind.

An over view of Lizard Bowl from the top of Easter.

The sometimes nasty gully that separates the upper parts of Freeway and China Might is just a depression these days.

The Meathook (aka the Face Lift) lives, but I didn�t bother sampling its dubious merits today.

Looking across Cedar Bowl at Cedar Ridge from the top of Steep and Deep.

Somewhere in Wally�s Follies.


Big Bang.

Although it is hard to tell from this picture, they had actually groomed the center of Puff.

Siberia Bow from the top of Morning Glory.

Near the bottom of Siberia Bowl, with Falling Star on the left.