Craig's Report - December 27, 2005

You Just Never Know!

After listening to the dripping of rain all last night, I wasn�t terribly keen on skiing today and only headed out so I could confirm to our arriving guests the futility of even buying a ticket. I even left the camera at home as I couldn�t face writing another depressing report. That is probably good for once I dropped into Cedar and made my first turns in the lovely, no B.S., real powder, I wasn�t any too interested in stopping to take pictures. To my complete surprise, this was definitely my best day since the lifts opened.

After a steady diet of first crust and crud and then assorted mush, I had forgotten just how sweet powder can be and I quickly became intoxicated with the smooth and effortless turns. True, it did become heavier down low, but you could ski Cedar Bowl to the bottom without drama or strain. The lower runs were probably still horrible, but once again I limited my travel on them to Lizard, Lower North Ridge and Lower Linda�s, all of which could be navigated fairly safely if you picked your paths.

I hadn�t gone out until the afternoon and all of the lifts, with the notable exception of White Pass, had zero line ups. White Pass however had a significant line and while the singles line did move pretty fast, I only visited it once as there was lots of great skiing elsewhere. I used that one ride to get over to the top of Easter Bowl and can report the traverse across Concussion Chutes was in very good shape and Easter itself was wickedly good. The brush cutting has made it into an even greater slope than it was and the snow was superb.

All of this shows the futility of using these reports for any kind of planning. I had no idea what it would be like today until I stepped off of the chair and I have no idea what tomorrow brings. Trying to base plans on current conditions is pointless - you just have to roll the weather dice and hope.

At 16:30 it is 1 C and snowing very lightly at the house.

Just a picture from the porch to fill the slot on the main page. You would hardly have guess from this soggy view that great skiing was only a lift ride away.