Bernie's FAR Update 2004/1/15: It seems that anytime friends arrive in town the weather takes a turn for the worse. Our mild spell continues and light intermittent rain was falling as we headed for lifts this morning. As we passed the base of the Bear Express on the way up the Elk I was pleasantly relieved to see the rain turn to snow. Precipitation continued most of the day. Wet snow above the Bears Den and better snow in the White Pass area. At higher elevation the visibility was quite restricted. Because of this, I didnít bother to take any photos.

Except for some sticky sections at lower elevations the snow condition remained very good in areas that were not subjected to over use, but as the day progressed higher traffic areas became chewed up and slushy. It was a good day to stay in or near the trees. This way one could ascertain which way was up. At one point today I caught an edge and went splat. It was quite a surprise. I actually thought that I was stationary until the edge caught!

Despite the limited visibility and the dampness, it was a good day to be on the hill. There are a few patches of ground and rock showing in places. Particularly where the groomers have scalped the top edge of a run but these spots can be avoided if you are paying attention. However, no lift lines, good company and great tractable conditions at higher elevations didnít dampen our spirits.

At 6pm it is +3C with broken cloud

Bernie -