Heinz's Report - February 19, 2003

Everything @ 100%

We haven�t had any new snow since Monday afternoon but Currie and Snake hadn�t opened since our big dump on Saturday night so I headed out to see if new powder could be found there. I also crossed my fingers that the lifts would be working.

Well, the lifts seemed to be working (so far) but when I got to the top of White Pass the word was that Currie might open later in the day. So back over to the old side to check on the status of Snake. There was a considerable lineup at the end of the traverse on Blueberry. Word was out that upper Easter might be opening shortly so we headed out there instead. The signs were just being flipped to open status as we got there so we hit this one right. The snow in mid-Easter was VERY deep and reasonably light. We managed to get a good set of turns in the soft stuff before hitting the skied-out part lower down.

I headed back up the Bear Express and silently prayed to the snow gods for the lift to hang in there at least to get me to the top. This too was successful and when I got to the top, Snake Ridge had opened. On the traverse over I convinced myself that I would not take the traverse right to Redtree as I had been doing all year so far, but to actually drop into Snake Main. The alders at the bottom seemed to be covered up so it looked too good to pass up. Oh, how sweet it was! The whole of Snake Main was deep and lots of turns were to be had in a long uninterrupted drop. I decided to head back up and try it again, but this time go all the way out to Redtree. When I got up to the top of the Bear Express(surprise - three times without a breakdown!) I saw that Currie had just opened. First bad call of the day. Well, on to Redtree�

We decided to take Steep & Deep in the hope that it would be less skied-out by now. Wow, was it deep! It was a good drop with the only problem being a sun-baked crust at the very bottom narrow run out into Cedar Bowl. We decided to try Currie and perhaps take the long traverse to the top of Easter on the hope that it would be less used up. This turned out to be a good decision (three out of four for the day). By mid-afternoon the top of Easter had only a few visitors and plenty of untracked lines could be found. This turned out to be the deepest snow of the day and brought back memories of the powder on Sunday.

I would consider the skiing today to be truly excellent. The lifts were all working for the entire day, the lift lines were quite tolerable, and the snow on the groomed runs such as Bear was the best I�ve seen so far this year. I give it a 100%!

At 7:30 pm it�s plus 1 Celsius outside and we�re getting light flurries. We�re supposed to be getting precip tomorrow and Friday. The question will be what type of precip � it�s supposed to be getting warmer on Friday.

Heinz - heinzr@far.redtree.com

Steve carving it up in Easter.

The joys of timing it right in Easter. About 40 cm of new stuff!

Snake Main. I�m going to take it this time!

Snake Main. Open all the way down!

Steep & Deep. Lots of traffic already but very soft and deep!

Top of Easter Bowl. Lizard Bowl in the foreground, Cedar Bowl in the background.

Steve taking in the powder at the top of Easter.