March 08, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/3/8:
A Very Quick Peek

It has been cold this week and on top of my normal wussiness, I had a hard time mustering much enthusiasm for breaking in new boots at low temperatures. I did slip out for a quick foray this afternoon and although the temperature was still -15 C at two P.M., the wind had disappeared and it wasn't too hard keeping all but my bloodless feet warm. (The boots are now back at the shop for a quick attitude adjustment).

Even in my very brief outing I experienced snow ranging from ankle to boot deep powder on Snake Ridge to basic boiler plate on the North Ridge return from the Haul Back. Most stuff was pretty good, but you did have to watch for icy mogul backs and such stuff even on Snake. The lower groomed runs seemed to be firm, but very good.

At four thirty the porch thermometer is now reporting a balmy -11 C and snow is falling lightly.