February 11, 2002

Craig's FAR Update 2002/2/11:
Return to Reality?

Two weekend days without snow and with everything open (except the Face Lift) means that packed snow was the main offering today. Although this is rudely inferior to the stuff we have been trying to get used to, it is at least really good packed snow. It held a nice edge and the groomed stuff was nearly ideal, but on some of the mogul runs - Puff comes to mind - the bumps had a definite attitude and it wasn't a bit friendly. This was mainly a geometry issue, for even though some of the mogul backs were a bit hard, the bumps themselves were reasonably soft.

The temperature ran a little below freezing, but there was a reasonable wind blowing, which provided a thin cover of blow in spots and if you dug really deep, you could still come up with some still uncut tracks. This was denser than it had been, but still slid by in a manner that I found most agreeable. Runs that had chopped crud were certainly not bad either, but often it seemed the snow had set up enough to make them, well choppy.

So the skiing is still very good, but mainly in a packed, not a silk sense. At five in the evening, it is -1 C at the house under a partially cloudy, but noisy sky as they do another helicopter bombing run on the cornices.