January 05, 2002

A Pretty Decent Day

A few more centimeters fell last night. Not much more than a skiff with an attitude really, but the right attitude apparently for it certainly breathed a little more life into the well used holiday snow. Off piste was the place to be and even afternoon adventurers like my son and I could find lots of relatively untouched stuff away from the madding crowd. I am not talking powder skiing here, for the thin new covering could only take the harsh edge off of the packed stuff underneath. Only a few turns held any suggestion of that lovely powder feeling, but it was still pretty pleasant.

The same could not always be said of the more trafficked areas and big slick spots separated small mounds of soft in many places. Rocks and gravel were even making an unwelcome appearance in some spots. On the newly de-aldered right side of Sunnyside, little punjiettes were sprouting from some of the troughs and these could require sudden and difficult changes of plan in the somewhat pointy moguls.

The upper mountain was shrouded in fog and visibility could be a problem at times, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it looked from the bottom of the hill. There was occasional light snow falling, but some forecasters are calling for Monday precipitation of the phase challenged sort, so please put in a good word or two with your favorite deity.

Despite being a Saturday, The crowds seemed thinner today and only the Elk chair presented any serious lines during our travels.

At quarter to six it is -1 C at the house and overcast.

Thin, but pleasant magic softening powder applied to part of Snake Ridge.

King Fir was also coated, although the ride was still more mogul than powder. Note that this run is considerably steeper than it looks here, as ...

suggested by this look back up hill from the same place to where my son waits semi patiently.

Lower Cedar Main had a few more folks than normal on it today, but other than Elk, lift lines weren't a problem.

Looking down the middle of Easter Bowl from the Face Lift traverse.