October 11, 2001

It's Coming...

Mountains just look better when they are dressed in white and this morning found ours sporting their new fall garb. I was impressed, but then it doesn't take much snow to impress me at this time of year. :-) Of course most of it will probably disappear shortly, but one can't help nurturing the hope that this is just the harbinger of an epic season that starts early, ends late and has lots of serious wallowing in between. Ah, fantasy is good.

The snow reached well down into the valley this morning, but not quite to the house and of course it started to recede fairly quickly as the day warmed up. Still there was still some snow below the Bear's Den when I got up there in in the mid afternoon and up where my walk ended on the flats above Freeway, there was perhaps 10 cm of wet crud. It was melting fast, but the little snow flurries that kept popping up provided a bit of encouragement.

Just before six in the evening, it is 7 C at the house, with a partially cloudy sky.

The hills become white as seen in this picture taken around lunch time from my daughter's school yard.

Okay, they're not quite ready for GS turns, but a little white on Arrow and Sunnyside can't help but get the imagination working.

Snow lets you know you share the hill with others and there were a tremendous number of beast tracks on the bench at the top of Freeway.

Lizard Bowl from the road behind the Bear's Den.

The developer who built the Timberline Condos (and Polar Peak and Snow Creek and ...) was fortunate enough to have already obtained his building permits before moratorium imposed because of the sewage treatment plant. As result he has managed to stay active during an otherwise very quiet summer. This is a new building in the Timberline Lodge complex and he also has the Bear's Paw complex and new homes near Snow Creek Lodge.