April 05, 2001

A North Facing Report

The key to skiing today was knowing North from South and successfully guessing which slopes had sun baked yesterday and which had been spared. We did a pretty good job of avoiding the South facing guys, although a couple of traverses and the occasional turn were necessary on the way to ridges and these were plenty to confirm the wisdom of our chosen orientation.

Untracked powder was of course history, but we did find some nice chopped in the windows chutes as well as Easter Bowl and even in places on Cedar Ridge, although soft packed moguls were more common on the latter. Also the snow I encountered on my route down the Anaconda though wasn't as nice as expected, with some denser and even slightly crusty stuff mixed in with the nice stuff.

Puff, Lift Line and the trees in between had been shaded and now provide a nice route down to the White Pass chair through soft packed moguls that are now freer of impediments than they have been all season. The groomed runs seemed fine although a thin layer of new snow sometimes made them a bit sticky. That lightly falling snow also made for crummy picture taking, but fed hopes of something substantial by tomorrow Alas as I write this it seems to have stopped.

At twenty to six it is 2 C at the house, under a light gray sky.

There were still soft bits on Cedar Ridge,

but it wasn't exactly untracked powder.

Upper Easter probably had some of the nicest snow we encountered.

Anaconda was more variable than Easter, with dense or even somewhat crusty bits interspersed with nice snow.