January 25, 2001

Holding Pattern

I hadn't been out since our 7 cm 'dump' of a few days ago and since nothing new had arrived I wasn't expecting much. Low expectations seem to be the key this year, for it was actually better than I hoped. Lots of rocks in places etc., etc., and even some icy patches, but only in very high traffic areas. There was still lots of good cruising (a term I consider a borderline oxymoron) and the couple of off piste pitches I tried (Easter and the Currie glades) were surprisingly good, albeit packed.

It is of course a pale shade of what we hope to be skiing in Fernie in mid winter and I know lots of locals have simply decided not to ski until more snow arrives. Indeed there weren't many people, local or otherwise, on the slopes, but this is a sort of low season (perhaps a little lower than normal though). While I am the first to groan about less than optimal conditions, I don't think things are anywhere near that bad. Of course I am still skiing on the old rock skis

Around noon flakes started to fall and it looked like maybe Griz was finally going to get down to some work, but not long afterwards the snow stopped and the clouds lightened up miserably, although they did not clear altogether. Just another tease. :-(

At seven thirty it is -7 C and I see there are now stars in the sky. :-(

The hump in Cedar Bowl (at the bottom of upper Cedar Center), with part of Cruiser and upper Cedar Ridge in the background.

Farther down Alder, er, Cedar Ridge.

I don't often show the easier stuff, so here is lower Bear, which was actually in pretty good shape.

The lower part of Easter Bowl from near the top of Freeway.

Standard Currie shot from the top of White Pass