December 27, 2000

Significant Improvement! :-)

Finally I get to write a more positive report. The morning found a layer of heavy wet snow lying in the driveway and the ski hill reporting 16 cm new on the upper mountain. While not exactly a mega dump, this new layer of dense snow did improve things significantly, at least in my eyes.

There were still rocks to be hit (but I didn't hit any) and there were still alders to dodge (which I didn't always, especially if you consider a certain tip catch lateral arabesque nose spin), but some how things just seemed more fun to ski. I was even lured down Linda's run, which proved to be quite nice indeed except for a couple of alder bands. Cedar Ridge was also pretty nice, although not for the claustrophobic.

Down low the snow was quite heavy and even had a certain mashed potato consistency where ungroomed, but still seemed to ski pretty well nonetheless. In any event heavy snow was what was needed and it may even have been too light up top where it could even be considered powder like.

Unfortunately little short of rain to the top of Polar Peak is likely to help the significant avalanche hazard problem. Most of Cedar Bowl, with the exception of Cedar Ridge, was closed as was Lizard above the Tower Six road and of course Currie. The Shakey's Acres area of Timber Bowl was open though, but I decided to let the sacrificial hordes get a day or two of hazard locating in before giving it a try myself.

Just before 5 PM, it is 1 C on the porch and almost completely cloudy.

Hmmm, Cedar Ridge doesn't look too bad...

but perhaps just a bit tight. :-) Good snow though.

Somewhere on Linda's run. Generally very nice, but not without a few surprises.

Looking across lower Bow and Lizard Bowl from the clear bit to the skier's right of Sunnyside.

Looking back the other way. The previous picture was taken from the clear path between the trees and alders just left of center in the picture.

Falling Star was very nice, if more spiritual than exhilarating. :-)