April 07, 2000

Beautiful spring day and some decent skiing too

It was a beautiful hot sunny day, but the pattern for good skiing was reversed from most Fernie spring days in that the North facing slopes were the place to be. The hot sun quickly turned yesterday's powder into sticky goop on the slopes with Southern exposure, but on South side of Currie, Cedar Ridge and (I heard) Easter Bowl, there were still nice powder turns to be had well into the afternoon.

Down low things got pretty sticky in places, even in the early afternoon, and this could lead to impromptu close up inspections of your tips if you weren't ready for the sudden deaccelerations. A couple of freeze thaw cycles are needed to generate corn out of the new snow, although I wouldn't sneeze at some more fresh snow either. That doesn't look too imminent though, given the clear blue skies.

All in all it was a pretty good day, particularly for late in the season. At quarter to six my sun baked porch is cooking at 16 C, but my wife reports the van thermometer read a more reasonable 9 C as she returned from her umpteenth daily trip to town.

Stag Leap, Sky Dive and Decline. Taken from the ski hill road near my house.

The view as you get off of the Timber chair showing the road to Falling Star and Mammoth Head n the background.

Upper Timber bowl and the cliffs above it that I am sure many visitors never got to see. :-)

The fellow in the center above the rocks is preparing his launch pad for a jump that took him to a successful landing far below the trail running below the rocks. Big balls, small lobes. ;-)