April 06, 2000

What a difference a day makes

Nasty to gnarly in a day - so it goes. There were a few centimeters of new snow in the yard this morning while snow continued to fall, Like yesterday the sun tried to come out in the late morning only to succumb to a new bout of snow. Up on the hill though, the additional snow made a world of difference in the skiing and while the underlying ice was still very evident, there was enough cover to bring smiles to almost all faces.

Visibility in the morning ranged from mediocre to poor and but the afternoon boasted good seeing as well as benefiting from the snow that fell hard during the morning. Higher was better of course and so the best skiing was off of White Pass, but even down low things were much improved. Also gentler was generally better than steeper since you were less likely to push through to the crispies underneath and partially buried moguls could still be a problem, especially in the poor visibility of the morning. Sunnyside comes to minds as rather challenging to find a smooth route down in the morning murk.

Excellent runs, at least for April, far exceeded the bad ones though. Around lunch my wife and I took the lazy traverse into the Morning Glory trees and discovered the whole gentle right side was completely untracked. Although one occasionally touched down on the hard stuff underneath, the old and unexplainable thrill of cruising through acres of untouched glades still ran strong. In general all of the gentler tree runs were very sweet.

At five thirty it is clearing, melting and 4 C at the house. Sigh...

The sun made a valiant morning attempt to come out before being overcome by more snow. This is the Elk Run from the Elk Chair.

Cedar Bowl from the top of Bear.

You could still feel the ice underneath, but it is hard to argue with the acres of untracked in the Morning Glory trees.