March 24, 2000

Nice day, So so skiing

It was a pretty and pleasant day, but the skiing conditions were okay at best, at least in my not so humble opinion. The snow that was falling yesterday afternoon ended in the early evening and gave way to a clear sky last night. This had the predictable stiffening effect on the moist snow. We did a quick family circuit of the old side a little after noon and by then things were soft down low, but you didn't have to go too far up to find some less than friendly stuff. Runs like Kodiak were well glazed between the moguls and while upper North Ridge seemed better than yesterday, it was still pretty slick. Off trail there was a thin layer of new in places, but not enough to significantly mask the lumpier stuff underneath. It wasn't real death cookie stuff, but smooth and silky wasn't in the cards either.

Both the Timber and White Pass chairs were closed today due, according to the Elk chair liftie, to an electrical problem. Despite this there weren't any line ups, suggesting not that many folks were all that eager today, despite the BC school break. We didn't stay long either.

At ten to seven this evening, it is 3 C at the house with a partial cloud cover.

Cedar Bowl from Cedar Ridge

Snake Ridge from Cedar Ridge

Free heeling on Cruiser.

Mad dogs and tourists? Who else bothers with Kangaroo?