February 01, 2000

There's Nothing as Satisfying as a Good Dump!

The Griz returned today with a vengeance! The hill only reported 4 cm in its four AM report, but it just puked all day and the skiing just kept getting better. It was, and is, pretty warm and the snow seemed a tad dense this morning, but it skied very well indeed and seemed even deeper than it was due to this density. Don't get me wrong, this was by no means heavy crud for it flowed and stirred with little effort and after a few turns I put my critic's hat away and just kept grinning.

The snow just kept coming and everything we skied, with the possible exception of the whited out Shakey's Acres, was very nice indeed. Even high traffic areas like Sunnyside and even the Heartland moguls became soft and silky and our runs over on the far side of Cedar (bottom only for the top was closed) were sweet indeed.

With that quantity of snow falling and the rather unsettling surface sloughs that were being triggered on many of the steeper slopes, we knew that it was only a matter of time before things started closing down. Initially only upper Currie, the Face Lift and upper Cedar had been closed, but by the time we headed in for lunch at a bit past one, upper Lizard was closed as well. When we got back almost everything was closed. The only green on the board was Cedar Ridge, Boomerang and Siberia Bowl. Even Sunnyside was closed.

A good day for snow is not a good day for pictures. Not only is the light and contrast terrible, snow keeps wanting to get on your lens and who wants to stop and take pictures anyway. By lunch time the camera was snow caked and dripping, so I didn't even take it out in the afternoon.

As of a couple of minutes ago it was still snowing quite hard, but I just looked out and didn't see any flakes. With more than a little foreboding I stepped out and ARRRGH, it is now raining! The ski hill road is a skating rink and there is a semi stuck across from our road and other vehicles variously marooned. My wife is stuck down the road in the jam and the kids just walked home. It is quite a mess and one of the ski hill employees just called for a cat to come down (one of the few things that can navigated the snow banks etc. and chop up the ice). Now one has to wonder where the rain line will rise to.

Talk about getting dumped on! Sigh.

At a sodden 5:30 it is 0 C at the house.

Cedar Ridge.

It's fuzzy, but it gets the message across. On Boomerang.

Snake Main a little above the KC Chutes.

The Windows Chutes.