December 18, 1999

What a Difference

I wasn't supposed to be skiing or reporting today, but I snuck out for a few runs late in the afternoon and found things so much better than yesterday, I felt obliged to post a quick update. The hill was only claiming 13 cm new and there was much less heavy slush in my driveway this morning, so I wasn't necessarily expecting good things. In fact I found very good snow almost everywhere I went. Now to be fair, I finally decided to take my new Rossi Bandit XXs out and these wonder sticks seem so well matched to my deficiencies that they can almost convince me that I know what I am doing - a misapprehension the hill is only too glad to quickly rectify.

The old side was apparently closed much of the morning (I heard something about a tree on the lift??) and there was an amazing amount of really nice snow left right at the end of the day. I engaged in a little exercise of my route finding and alder gnawing skills in the Bear Chutes and was rewarded with a few really fine turns. Even better a short climb up Easter Bowl produced a wonderful little shot down between the alders right in the middle of Easter. It was quite windy and there was a bit of wind pack, but nothing el Banditos couldn't slice and dice with glee.

Even the bottom the hill was in pretty good shape. There was still a reminder of stiffness of yesterday right near the bottom, but for the most part it was just fine

Gotta go!

At 5:15 it is 2 C, clear and windy at the house.

With little time available I only stopped for one quick picture and I thought even that was rather noble. Here Griz Peak looms above Cedar Bowl with streamers of snow boiling off of the ridge.