December 13, 1999

Differing Opinions

The snow up top this morning was soft, but sort of stiff and somewhat suggestive to me of very weak styrofoam. It skied quite well and I rather enjoyed it, but I thought some folks might have found it a bit cruddy. I was therefore amazed when a friend later said he found conditions on the some of the Boomerang runs 'Outstanding'. Now admittedly I did not ski those runs and this fellow is one of those pathologically upbeat folks that would call a half empty glass 'amazingly full', but 'Outstanding' still seemed like a pretty heavy adjective to be using for any ski conditions that don't required serious breath control.

All this goes to show just how subjective reporting on something like ski conditions is and clearly demonstrates you folks are all idiots for wasting your time reading this drivel. Please preserve your dignity and press that home button now, so you can just pretend you stumbled on this page by accident ...

Still here? Well don't say I didn't warn you and please keep in mind that my patron saint is apparently the Grinch.

As you progressed down the hill, the stiffness of the snow increased and below the bottom of the Bear it was just plain hard, dare I say icy. My freshly tuned demo skis did a pretty good job of holding on this stuff, but I did hear a whole lot of scraping going on from other less fortunate folks. The base area was decidedly scratchy, but not the total disaster I thought might have resulted from yesterday's rain. The new side remains no mans land for me for a while.

It was fairly clear this morning, but it has become cloudy during the afternoon and there have even been a few scattered snow flurries. At 4 PM it is -2 C at the house and overcast.

Cedar Bowl from the upper end of Cedar Ridge.

Cedar Ridge lets its alders show - from Cedar Main

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test rides again? Nope, just load testing on Deer. This is presumably needed because the counter weight, which would have been in the middle of the Cornerstone Lodge, was replaced with a hydraulic dampening system.