November 20, 1999

A Little Too Warm

We have had lots of precipitation this last week, but the temperature has not been very cooperative. A storm earlier in the week left a very distinct snow line about 500 m above the base, which corresponds to about halfway down the Bear or around the base of the White Pass lift. I haven't been up there, but the trees were solidly white above the line.

This morning it was sort of slurping out and there was a few millimeters of slush in the driveway and glimmers of white were visible up on the mountain through the fog. Still as you can see from the pictures, the base situation is still grim.

FernieTalk Returns

In a clear example of my diminishing sanity, I have been persuaded to revive the FernieTalk <> discussion page. I shut this down last spring after a nasty case of jerk infestation, but I am going to give it another try with some changes that will hopefully limit these problems. Basically I will once again delete any messages that don't follow the rules (please let me know if you see any) and I now require that people get a password emailed to them before they can post.

The best solution though would be a healthy volume of mature discussion, so please feel free to check it out and share your thoughts.

At one o'clock in the afternoon it is 1 C and it is still trying to decide whether to rain or snow. The slush is getting a bit deeper though and parts of our lawn are now kind of whitish - skiers are so optimistic :-).

A little cooler would be nice.

Mud and pieces of roof dominate the Mighty Moose beginner run

Lizard Creek Lodge from the Griz Inn parking lot.