November 04, 1999

A Little Closer

It began raining quite heavily last night after dinner and while it remained too warm for anything but liquid down at the house, morning revealed a much whiter upper mountain. The snow line probably isn't any lower, but the ice line is and this made footing on portions of the cat track up to the Bear's Den rather dicey. The flat area at the Bear's Den was just a big sheet of ice that had me maneuvering in a fine parody of an old man's shuffle. Yeah, yeah, I know - spare me. :-)

The snow farther up is obviously much more substantial now and the nicely whitened trees certainly invoked the proper Pavlovian response in me at least. The ski area has already posted its large early season avalanche warming signs on the road up these point out there is no avalanche control and even before the ski hill opens, snow still follows the basic laws of gravity and Murphy.

At four fifteen it is 3C at the house and the sky is mainly cloudy, but with a fair number of blue spots.

Lizard and Cedar Bowls from our kids' school playground.

Terrain modification. The entrance to the new Cornerstone Lodge parking garage is on the right and the old day lodge on the left.

A new terrain park takes shape on the lower bunny slope, courtesy of Hurst Construction. In fact these are sections of the roof for the next phase of Lizard Creek and are slated to be atop the steel work in the background as Hurst plays Russian Roulette with the weather. Tick-tock, tick-tock ...

A standard Lizard Bowl shot from the Bear's Den. The patients colour seems to be improving.

A brief flash of sunlight on the Bear run.

Last night's snow line is clearly visible on the trees in this shot of Easter Bowl and Freeway.