October 01, 1999

Hotels, Hotels, Hotels and
Living La Vida Nina

It was a mainly cloudy and uninspiring day today, but a far cry from the mid winter conditions we saw reported on the Calgary television stations. It did snow a bit this morning, but nothing accumulated. The peaks still have a thin white veil on them and it was definitely brisk when I first headed out for a short bike ride in shorts and a T shirt this afternoon, but after a little up hill it was positively balmy. :-)

Since pretty pictures were not in the cards, I am just offering up yet another overview of the construction of the hotel trinity surrounding the Mighty Moose. In case you have some loose change, I have included links to the sale pitch sites (well for the two that have them).

I have finally managed to update the snow fall stats to include last season's La Nina driven delights. This inspired me to check out the NOAA La Nina forecast as I had heard rumours that we might see a very rare occurrence of back to back La Nina years. It appears that is exactly what is likely to happen and that means another cooler than normal winter with higher than average snowfalls. Go Griz, Go. :-)

When I asked the mountain manager about getting hold of the snow stats, he showed off an article by the Daily Mail (I think) which ranked what they considered the ten best ski areas around the world. Fernie came up with a rank of seventh, which seemed pretty incredible since Utah was ranked as a single area. Of course Ken was quite pleased with even getting mentioned in such company, but I couldn't help wondering what impact such media attention, and I suppose to a tiny degree even this web site, would have on poor powder addicts like me out searching for a clean line. Have I mentioned recently how much it rains in Fernie? :-)

At quarter past five it is mainly cloudy and an invigorating 8 C.

Hill removal beneath the Cornerstone Lodge. Getting into the underground garage required lowering the height of the turnaround area behind the day lodge. I wonder what happens to the ski patrol room?

The upper side of the Cornerstone Lodge. Apparently this puppy does not have a web page yet.