July 27, 1999

A Lovely Summer Day

Well it was this morning when I was out taking these pictures, but the heat of the afternoon kept this sun shunning creature safely in his coffin through the 30+ C temperatures. Still I am sure most of you sun worshipping pagans would have just loved drinking in those cancerous rays. ;-)

That morning ride took me up into Cedar Bowl, which on a nice summer day is a truly gorgeous place and peacefully beyond the snort of cement trucks and crash of construction. The density of the foliage in places like the KC chutes is very impressive and makes it hard to believe we freely ski these spots in the late winter. The only signs of trail modification I saw along this route was some slain trees that suggest they may straighten out Linda's run where it crosses Cedar Trail.

There is considerably more mountain bike traffic on the hill this year, at least in the downhill direction. In past years it has seemed hard to believe that the hill could justify running the chairlift for the sparse amount of traffic that it produced, but this summer there seems to be a pretty steady stream of folks heading up, both with and without bikes. There was even a short line up when I happened by the bottom of the Elk Chair.

Base area construction continues in full frenzy with both Snow Creek and Lizard Creek taking shape as pretty impressive looking structures. The building above the day lodge, which I am pathologically unable to remember the name of, is also slowly emerging from the ground, but not enough to guess what it might look like when it is done.

The West Fernie bridge was moved as scheduled and apparently without incident on Sunday night, but I have yet to try out this new Fernie chicane.

At quarter after nine it is still 21 C and cloudless as the sun slips behind the mountains.

Cedar Bowl with Cedar Ridge at the left and the KC Chutes center right..

The bottom of the Boom Chair from where Cedar Trail crosses Lower Bear

Neighborhood kids play at the pond in the village. The water looked pretty milky to me, but that didn't seem to bother the kids.

Construction continues full bore in Highline. Here a new house starts on lot 25 with lots of others having already sprouted along the road below.

Lizard Creek (we now seem to have a lot of creek complexes) takes shape near the bottom of the Elk Chair.

Gabriella's now sits atop the future grocery store and reservation center.