July 06, 1999

Could it be summer?

After a long, chilly, damp June, it was so clear and warm today, one could almost imagine it was July. <g>

The Elk chair has been running for a couple of weeks now and it is free to all of last years pass holders, although there is a charge if you want to take your mountain bike. This was too much of a temptation for your slothfulness, so I hitched a ride up to the Bear's Den before proceeding on up to the top of Bear.

The Bear's Den area has a forest of signs indicating different mountain bike trails and there were more people up there today than I think I can ever recall, at least for a week day. These appeared to be roughly evenly mixed between mountain bikers and folks just up for the scenery. Virtually everyone headed down though and I didn't have to go far up the trail before the sounds of people and most foot prints disappeared. If you didn't mind a little mud, you could almost get to the top of the boom chair before crossing any snow and while the trail from there up was completely snow covered, it was firm and easy walking. Of course the views were standard gorgeous, my picture taking notwithstanding.

There has been a bunch more tree whacking in the area below the Bear's Den. They have cut back the corner that Ballet makes onto Dipsy and there is now what appears to be a new cat track that starts from the Dipsy cat track a little below Lizard Trail and cuts across to meet Lizard Trail where the lower cat track crosses it. (Got that? <g>) The lower cat track has then been widened all the way from Lizard Trail to just before the junction with Power Trip. There are also surveyors marks and stakes around the Bear's Den, which presumably have something to do with the 'improvements' to the Bear's Den that the ski hill announced for next year.

My new camera appears to be defective in that is seems to come home with far too many pictures. <g> Certainly there were too many to use in this report, but rather than just turfing them all, I have put a few shots of some of the ongoing construction on a second page.

At ten to eight this evening the porch thermometer is being fooled into believing it is 30C in the bright sunshine. It is in fact very pleasant.

The road heading across (and up) Lizard Bowl, with Easter Bowl in the background..

There are lovely little streams all over the mountain that resolutely refuse to allow themselves to be decently captured on film, er flash card, at least by a dufus like me shooting at mid day. Still I have to try. <g>

Griz Peak and upper Cedar from between the top of Boom and the top of Bear.

The town of Fernie and the Elk Valley from the top of Boom Chair.

Tree slaying activity where Ballet meets Dipsy.

The old cat track that crossed Lizard Trail has been significantly widened.