Craig's Report - April 18, 1999

Th, Th, That's All Folks

Picture 1
(Griz Peak from top of Bear)

What a season and what a way to end it! While there were no mondo choking powder dumps this year, there were more just fine days than perhaps in any other year that we have been here. Fittingly the last day was hot and beautiful with luscious soft gooey snow. While some might not like this sticky stuff, I just think of it as poor man's powder.


(Lizard Bowl)

Everything we skied was soft. Everything was great. Even things like Puff, Freeway and Kangaroo were friendly and while the moguls were sometimes pretty big, they were also universally soft.


Picture 1
(Polar Peak and upper Currie)

The coverage remained good until the very end with just the odd bare spot down near the base, while up top meters of snow remain. About an hour before closing it started to cloud over as if the skies themselves were sad to see the end of the season.


(The Herd hangs in to the bitter end)

We hung in until the bitter end, with the whole mob arriving at the top of White Pass at 4:00 PM. The 'boy's' and eight year old Brylee made our last run down the Saddles into Lizard and then down Stag Leap in the slo mo goo. Very nice!

About 5:30 the gray skies started to weep.


Picture 1
(Last Run)

I have been amazed and flattered by the amount of attention (notoriety?) my reports have received this year. It sometimes seemed like a good chunk of the folks skiing on the hill had seen my Fernie page or read my reports. I am grateful to you all for your support and for all the kind messages I have received.

I will probably post sporadic reports occasionally over the summer on what is happening on the hill or anything else that might strike my fancy. However I am unsure if I will continue them next winter, particularly on the current scale, for while they are fun to write, they have come to involve a fair commitment of time. Now it is true that I vow every spring to call it quits, but I think I am really firm this time. Oh quit giggling. <g>

At 7:45 P.M. it is 5 C at the house and the rain has stopped. But then, what the heck to you care? ;-)

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