Craig's Report - March 5, 1999

Still pretty nice!

Picture 1
(Looking across Currie from the Concussion Chutes)

No significant snow fell overnight, but I found the skiing to be very enjoyable today. Perhaps due to reduced expectations, it was delightful whenever I found a patch of uncut worth a few turns. These seemed to turn up a lot more than I expected and even well beaten spots like the Concussion Chutes had enough blow in to provide nice sliding. For that matter I even found the Heartland moguls soft and the slick spots minimal, although I did stay on the steeper right side and out of the main skier slide and slalom zone.


(The Saddle from Lizard side)

A trip down the saddles was rewarded with a very nice deep, steep line once the couple of obligatory somewhat crisp turns at the top had been negotiated. Over in Cedar there was a surprising amount of nice soft stuff right in the center trees, but I was disappointed to discover that the KC Chutes were closed, presumably because of the recent glacial calving in Gorbi Bowl..


Picture 1
(Tough keeping the signs visible?)

The hill is now claiming a 470 cm base and overhearing a conversation about how this sign is disappearing into the snow reminded me that I have a fuzzy camcorder picture of it without snow in an old fall report. Check it out and note the bicycle leaning against it for scale.


(Snake Ridge)

When the snow pack starts getting this deep, one has to keep an open mind about route selection for lots of new spots to ski can open up. On the other hand I zoomed through one hole today that I hadn't been through for a while and found myself doing the crouch christie as the overhead, and decidedly firm looking, branches were now little more than a meter off of the snow.


Picture 1
(Dummy's Destiny)

Down on the lower slopes, the cool overnight temperatures had dried out the snow resulting in a firm but very good carving surface. Later on it warmed up, but the snow did not get sticky, at least not while I was there. There were some spots though, such as the infamous lower North Ridge, where there was definite evidence that it was past time for Mr. Skis to book a massage appointment with Mr. File, which unfortunately means carrying the skis all the way back to the house. The only other alternative is to actually admit that perhaps a certain, uh, um, lack, of technique, might be the culprit. :-(

This weekend is Griz Days and Sunday brings the annual Dummy Downhill (inanimate dummies only thank you). As you can see, the appropriate launch facilities are already under construction at the half pipe on Incline.

At 3:30 PM, my front porch thermometer is reading 9C, but that is undoubtedly because the sun is shining on it. Yes sun! Even while I was skiing it was an occasional visitor, but always scampered behind a convenient cloud if I so much as made a move for the camera. It has been much less shy since I left the hill. <g>

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