Craig's Report - March 4, 1999

Lots of snow, and snow consumers

Picture 1
(Timber Bowl from top of Timber Chair)

According to the official report, 27 cm fell last night and while the snow was a bit heavy right down at the base, up top it was nice and light. I didn't get out until about 11:30 and was hoping for some late openings, but the patrol were particularly efficient this morning and everything except the Face Lift, the Cedar High Traverse and the Saddles was already open.


(Easter Bowl)

Since significant snow fell in town too, the powder bashers were out in force and the hill was amazingly chewed up given the amount of area open. Yesterday I had an untracked run down this part of Easter bowl, but today it was almost completely sliced and diced.


Picture 1
(Snake Ridge on far side of Steep and Deep)

When I did manage to find some fresh stuff in out of the way places, it burbled up above your knees in a delightful way and was certainly very nice. Still it appears that if you want fresh stuff on obvious powder days you had better be here early and lined up with the rest of the cattle awaiting lift opening.


(Looking across Boomerang towards Bear Chutes)

Unfortunately I also had to leave early, so I didn't get many runs and thus covered an even more limited variety of runs than normal. The new snow seemed very nice right down to the bottom of the Haul Back, but over in the trees between the Windows chutes there was still lots of evidence of the underlying ice crust and even in here many spots had already been scraped. I didn't really ski much groomed stuff, but heading out the snow on the lower green runs seemed to be getting rather sticky and grabby.

There was undoubtedly a lot of great skiing out there today, but unfortunately it seems we now have to learn to share. ;-)


At 5:40 PM it is -2C at the house and snowing very lightly.

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