Craig's Report - March 3, 1999

A Much Better Report

Picture 1
(Currie Bowl)

I have been pretty lucky with colds this season, but the sucker that grabbed me last Sunday is still in full swing. Still I felt a bit guilty about leaving my last rather unflattering report up when it appeared things might have improved substantially. So I dragged my diseased carcass up the hill today in an amazing show of dedication. ;-) Chris came along to play nurse.


(Easter Bowl Delights)

The hill has done a better job of recovering than I have. If you stayed high the skiing was very good indeed and when we headed out everything was open except the face lift, so finding freshies was no problem. The snow wasn't fluffy, but it was generally pretty light and silky. As you descended though some underlying crunchies started to make themselves felt.


Picture 1
(Chris dodges lumps on Steep and Deep)

On this run down Steep and Deep, it was pretty pleasant up here, despite the strange large, but not very hard lumps scattered about.


(Steep and Deep)

But as we followed the sign line down, the overlying powder became thinner and the crust underneath more of a feature. This did not seem too bad to me, but to say that Chris did not seem to enjoy it would be a serious understatement. Perhaps she was still feeling put upon by her losing altercation with a tree branch and the resulting shiner Unfortunately I have been sworn to secrecy on the mundane details of how this happened, presumably so she can present a suitably blood curdling story. <g>


Picture 1
(Major cracks in Gorbi Bowl)

Any smugness I might have had about my crust skiing prowess, such as it was, disappeared in the frozen lumps and crud in the alder field below where this picture was taken. To make it worse, I had to watch Richard, of Rip n Richard's restaurant, cruise through this crap like it was groomed. Sigh.

This fuzzy picture just doesn't do justice to how impressive the cracks in Gorbi Bowl are from this perspective. Naturally the bowl is closed, but the sign line seems to permit skiing down Steep and Deep the way we did.

It seems that about this time there was some sort of avalanche up in Cedar Bowl somewhere and the Cedar High traverse and Snake Ridge were closed by the time we got back up. I overheard a patroller saying they might reopen Snake later though..

At 2:30 PM it is 0C at the house and snowing.

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