Craig's Report - February 21, 1999

Bye bye Sun

Picture 1
(Easter Bowl)

Yesterday's sun was replaced by gray skies and gently falling snow today. Certainly the sun was missed and the picture taking suffered, but even the small accumulation through the day seemed to make things just a touch smoother. It was essentially a family ski day and with two families skiing together we were in full herd mode, complete with mooing and ba-ba-ing sounds.

The other Dad and I did slink off for a few runs though and while fresh powder was definitely in short supply, there were still nice soft turns available in some places like parts of Easter Bowl.


(Dr. Rod on Snake)

Over on Snake the snow was less pleasant with a more cut up and lumpy feel that gave way to a mild sun crust farther down. This wasn't particularly hard to ski, but certainly wasn't as smooth as the North facing slopes.


Picture 1
(Snake Ridge looking down toward the Extreme Hazard Area)

The bumps in places like Boomerang and Sunnyside continue to bulk up and while they were mainly soft, the shapes are getting a bit grotesque in places.

Davin's friend Eli pronounced the conditions on Sunnyside 'terrible', which suggests the local junior jaded opinion is even pickier than I am. I would have rated it as pretty good, although the soft moguls are getting rather large and there was some minor evidence of sun damage.



(Tara in the Cedar center trees)

We managed to avoid any of the normal high traffic areas, but part of our crew did cross Heartland which apparently had some of the normal scraped scars. Otherwise the groomed runs seemed nice and compliant with the little bit of new snow adding a smooth easy turning feel.


At 4:40 PM it is -3C at the house with nice big flakes falling.

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