Craig's Report - January 6, 1999

Snow Watch

The cretins at the weather office have promised snow all week, but so far have failed to deliver. A few lonely flakes floated by this morning on some sort of scouting mission, but apparently they didn't like what they saw and have fled. As an added gift it was rather warm yesterday, but cooler today just to ensure nothing gets too soft. Like patrons in some sleazy diner serving up dry turkey and stuffing six days after thanksgiving, Fernie gourmets, well me at least, are having a hard time stomaching another serving of bumps and stiff corduroy.

To add insult to injury some of the new area has (gasp) small rocks scattered about and in other areas the wind has scattered tree droppings all over the snow which is tacky looking, even if not a real hazard. (Care for some whine with your bird Mac?).


My initial plan was to just go cruise some of the new terrain to get a feel for it, but my first attempt at riding the Timber chair was foiled by some sort of computer glitch.

They soon had it running again though and I slowly worked my way through Siberia bowl snapping pictures. Although most of Siberia bowl is quite flat, there appears to be some interesting skiing off of the Siberia ridge. A lot of it is moderately sloped and quite open glades. These were already packed and even mogulled, but should provide some great turns once the powder returns.


The center of Siberia bowl is occupied by a wide gentle beginner run called Falling Star. This does have one section that might be a bit tricky for rank beginners, but is generally pretty tame. However farther down the bowl the drop off from Siberia Ridge becomes anything but tame as suggested by the left side of this picture. Since any run into Siberia means taking a very long, very flat run out to the bottom, it will be interesting to see if some of these slopes will sprout tracks less quickly than the rest of the mountain following a dump.


They were still beavering away on the White Pass chair and appeared to be getting ready for the load tests. Much of Timber bowl and all of Currie is not easily accessible without this lift, so hopefully it will be going in the next week or so.


I threw in this picture from Cedar Bowl just as a reminder that the 'Old Side' still exists. Notice the pressing crowds. <g> I don't think I was alone in the bowl, but I might have been.

At 2:50 PM the thermometer at the house swears it is -9C, but it feels much colder to me. It is cloudy, but the flakes are still in hiding.

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