Craig's Report - December 31, 1998

Happy New Year Folks

I didn't head out until fairly late in the afternoon and I wondered if the crowds might have dissipated as folks got ready for the evening festivities. No such luck. These are dedicated skiers apparently. I tried the main chute down Cedar Ridge in the hopes that yesterdays crust would have been shredded by now. It is getting there, but we need more snow or more snow bashers to beat it into shape. This is a semi standard shot from Cedar Ridge looking into Cedar bowl.

I later tried a run down the trees in the center of Cedar (tricky) and then down the steeper pitch on lower Cedar Main. I thought this might have been icy and unfriendly, but not so. In fact where I went down on the right hand side, the moguls were soft and quite nice.


The same was generally true over on Sunnyside, although you could find crust if you got too far into the weeds. This is a shot from the top right of Sunnyside looking across Lizard Bowl at Easter Bowl. I laughed at a fellow last night for being a fool for trying Easter yesterday, but ...


here I am. Looks nice doesn't it? Lots of untracked spots. Unfortunately we are looking at acres (sorry hectares) of several centimeter breaking crust. No wonder there weren't many tracks. On the other hand it certainly presented an interesting challenge. <g>


From over on Freeway the line up at Bear looks pretty insignificant, but it was in fact past the end of the corral. It did move pretty quickly though. In the background is Mount Fernie on the left and the bottom of Mount Procter on the right.

The groomed runs were firm and while I did hit some icy spots, they generally held a good edge. I was only on a few though and lower Wallaby was rather slick suggesting that perhaps other lower slopes might have been as well.


The rumor on the hill today was that the hill had announced that the new Timber chair would open on Saturday. I dropped into office to check this out and score a new trail map (coming to a web site near you soon - next week perhaps). They said the actual story was that they are hoping to open it then, but the inspection process continues and they must be granted their certificate before running the lift. Hopefully they will be able to open it this weekend so the remaining holiday visitors will at least get a chance to try part of the new terrain.

At 6:15 PM it is 0 C at the house and the earlier light snow seems to have stopped. It was 3 C in town when I was there half an hour ago.

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