Craig's Report - December 2, 1998

Friday is the Day!

It has been a weather roller coaster here for the last couple of days.  Satisfying dumps of the white stuff would segue into rain and then back to snow.  Jubilation would give way to despair and then back to hope.  When I got up this morning last evenings snow had dissolved from the driveway and it was raining hard, however in the afternoon it was snowing hard.  Of course farther up the hill it was all snow and the hill folks have decided that they will indeed open on Friday.

Barring a big dump in the next 36 hours (certainly possible) things are going to be a teeny bit thin near the bottom.  This is the bottom of the Deer chair and if you look closely you can see all the grass sticking up on the bunny run.  Better leave the tots at home unless they want to pick flowers or graze. <g>

You don't have to go very far up the mountain though before things change dramatically and I think there should be enough snow for folks to get back down on without problem.  

For a change of pace I decided to head over boom chair way.  By the time I got to where Angina Alley, er, Cedar Trail crossed Boom Ridge, the slogging through the ungroomed snow was making life in a Barcolounger look pretty good.  This is looking down the newly widened lower part of Boom Ridge at the base of the chair....

and this is looking up from the same spot.  Skiers coming down the trail reported that conditions were really good up top, although one allowed that it was 'beautiful, but a bit thick'.

On my way back down I hopped off of the cat track where it crosses Holo Hike and headed down into the Highline subdivision.  Even this far down on the mountain I was walking in knee deep snow, however the meager covering on the last couple of hundred metres is obvious in this shot of the lower Highline ski tunnel, with part of the new Thunder Ridge complex visible at the left.

At 4:20 PM it is 1 C, not precipitating and the overcast has lightened up a bit.

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