Craig's Report - April 7, 1998

Whither the Weather

It was a misty,  foggy morning and the guy on the tube last night had predicted rain. Still by noon the sun was out and it looked pretty inviting. It wasn't the end of the changes.

It was warm and ooey gooey soft down low and by afternoon even the upper slopes were pretty soft.  You might even be able to see the deep tracks left by just traversing across the groomed surface of lower Boomerang.   Personally I rather like this slop and found even off trail stuff like Cedar Ridge to be entertaining.  Folks with different perversions may find their mileage varies. :-)

When I took this picture some clouds had moved in, but it was still mainly sunny.

By the time I got to the top of Boom and took this one of Easter Ridge, there were some pretty serious clouds coming over the mountain on either side of us and the odd spit of rain was falling.  Not much later it was snowing heavily at this same spot, but raining at the bottom of the Bear T-Bar.

apr05983.JPG (20366 bytes)A ride later it was fairly clear up on top of the Face Lift, but that is probably rain or snow falling at the base.  Even up here the snow was soft and sticky and the traverse to Easter was far from fast.

apr05984.JPG (18937 bytes)It seemed unlikely anyone would be dumb enough to slog their way over to Sky Dive et al in such conditions, so I felt honor bound to check it out.  This shot down Sky Dive shows that the base area is still white, but I did encounter bare spots on both Wallaby and Lower North Ridge.  So far nothing that can't be avoided, but it will worsen quickly if these conditions persist.

When I took this picture it was actually snowing moderately hard and by the time I reached the base I was being pummeled with graupel.  Thus in a couple of hours one could get a pretty broad cross section of mountain weather, except for anything cold.   Through it all it remained hatlessly warm, even for victims of the Follicle Freedom Front, like yours truly.

Sky Dive was actually quite a bit of fun in a mushy way.

At six PM it is still 8 C at the house under a mainly cloudy sky.  Nothing is falling out of it at the moment though.

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