Craig's Report - November 28, 1997

The Green Hills of Fernie

These two pictures of my backyard tell our tale of woe. The one on the left with the nice green grass was not taken in the summer, but today around noon. The one on the right is from the same date last year. That will teach me to make fun of El Nino.

There is still some snow on the front lawn where the tree have not provided cover, but it has lots of grass showing as well. The hoped for dump never materialized and in its place we got rain this morning. The upper part of the mountain may be in pretty good shape as it appears to be above the rain line. Anything below the bottom of Bear is going to be thin though and at the base it is sort of white, but barely.

Unless old Griz gets off his duff and starts to really kick ass, it is looking pretty doubtful for opening on December 5th as they now hope.

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