Craig's Report - May 22, 1997

Spring Ski Hill Sale

Last week the required ninety plus percentage of the Fernie Snow Valley shares were tendered and so Charlie Locke is the new owner. The price of $225 per share translated into a total value of just over $7 million dollars for the entire hill. This seemed surprisingly low to me, but then I know nothing about the going value of ski hills. This ownership change will undoubtedly mean big changes for the ski hill and the town of Fernie. If you have any thoughts on how it will work out, why not let us know at FernieTalk.

It has been pretty warm here the last couple of weeks and while it did get a little cooler in the last few days, we haven't seen the white stuff that Alberta has. The warm weather sent the river levels up quite a bit, but they have dropped again with the slower melt. Mid June will be the critical time.

Snow levels are now up to about the bottom of the Bear T-Bear in clear areas, but in the shade snow persists much lower. On the hill you still can't bike to the bottom of the Boom on the Hobbit Hump trail or make it much past Hollow Hike on Cedar Trail. The cat track up to the top of the quad is clear as is most of Deer. Here are some shots from the top of the quad this afternoon. This one is looking up Bear...

while this one shows Lizard and Easter...

and this one looks up the valley with Fernie on the right and Hosmer, Procter and part of Mt. Fernie on the left. The valley itself is now green and summery.

Upcoming events include a mountain bike race towards the end of June and a country music festival on the July long weekend. I am not a country music fan, but I am told there are some pretty good acts at this thing. I also heard that tickets were $70 for the weekend though. Ouch!

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