Craig's Report - January 22, 1997 - 7:00 PM

Sorry for the lateness of the report, but I have been having a few net problems.

No problem with the hill today though. The snow was just lovely, with knee deep powder up top. Farther down you could still feel the crunchies underneath and in a few heavily trafficked areas some slick spots emerged as folks scrapped the snow into lumps. Still most of the hill was delightful with powder aplenty. This shot from the Cedar trees looking towards Cedar Ridge shows what I like to see fashionable trees wearing this time of year.

Here a boarder cruises the gentle trees in Lizard Bowl. In the afternoon they opened both Easter and Snake, but alas I was on kiddie patrol with my five year old daughter, so I was condemned to just be a spectator. The folks I watched on Snake certainly seemed to be enjoying it though. Sigh...

By the end of the day it was about -1C back at the house and the snow down here was starting to get a little bit heavy, but it still seemed nice on the slopes.

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