Craig's Report - December 13, 1996 - 4:30 PM

A Lot Like Yesterday

A very encouraging snow fall had started last night as we went to bed, but alas there was only a skiff when we got up this morning. Like yesterday the hill had some fine skiing on soft packed moguls and ego enhancing cruisers, but you had to dig a little deeper yet for anything untracked. Even Fish Bowl, at least the portion reachable without climbing to the high traverse was pretty tracked up, although certainly still very nice.

Here my neighbor Cynthia is dwarfed by one of the little twigs in SunnySide and you see there isn't much fluff left here although the snow was beautifully carvable.

This is a shot of Easter Bowl looking across Lizard Bowl. We finished off by climbing up into Easter and there were still lots of tracks to be made up there and while the snow wasn't more than boot deep, it still slid by most enjoyably.

The last two days I have said it seemed like snow was imminent and it didn't happen, but the radio is calling for 2 to 5 cm in the valley tonight. At the moment it is cloudy, about -8C, but not snowing.

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