Craig's Report - December 12, 1996 - 3:30 PM

There was no new snow at the house last night, but it started to snow as the kids headed for school and by the time it tapered off around one there was a modest but fluffy couple of centimeters in the driveway. I didn't get up on the hill until about 2:00 PM and just grabbed a quick three runs on Snake, Cedar Ridge and Lower Easter respectively. The hill was generally pretty well trodden, but untouched turns and even the occasional line was available in spots. Even Snake had moguls in some of the choke points and Cedar Ridge was pretty well mogulled. The moguls were friendly though even for my uninspired bump skills. Everything held a great edge so the groomed cruisers were fast and confidence inspiring. Even though I didn't climb into Easter, the lower parts still had lots of nice snow and although there were lots of tracks you could make your way down with most turns being in fresh snow.

It is about -6C at the house right now with the occasional flake falling, but it does feel like there is reasonable hope that it might rotten up nicely.

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