Craig's Report - November 27, 1996

Oh Oh...

There hasn't been much to report since last Saturday. The skiing was again good on Sunday, but with only the bunny lifts open. Snow has been promised everyday since, but it did not materialize until last night when a couple of centimeters or so arrived. There is a winter storm warning out for today and tomorrow and as I write this at 11:30 a.m. it is snowing lightly. With the real opening only two days away this sounds perfect, but unfortunately the temperature has been climbing all week and is now just below freezing. The snow that is falling is decidedly heavier than the fluff of last week, but it will probably still be nice up on the hill as long as it doesn't get any warmer. So while it still probably be great on Friday, I for one am nervously watching the thermometer.

Quick Poll

With the season starting I will be trying to keep these reports more up to date. I will occasionally take the camera with me to take pictures on the slopes, but skiing definitely comes first with picture taking far behind. <g> So the question is on days when I haven't taken any pictures (most of them) or maybe haven't even gone skiing but have still updated the report, should I snap a quick picture looking out the window or should I save bandwidth and just go with text. Please let me know what you think at

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