Craig's Report - November 21, 1996

Great Skiing, but we're talking WORK

There was only a couple of centimetres at the house over night and there were the occasional sunny breaks today. The temperature rose to about -10 C and the temptation to take a walk part way up the mountain and have a look was too great. It is gorgeous up there and the snow is indeed bottomless and light. It has settled enough that you can make progress on intermediate slopes, although it is a good thing there were some cat tracks on the lower mountain or I would have had to walk back down Dipsy. By the time I was in the middle of Lizard Bowl my middle age lungs were arguing strenuously that China Wall would be a nice way down. I did grab these pictures before starting back.

The one on the left is looking towards the top of China Wall and up the Elk Valley towards Fernie. The one on the right is looking towards the top of Freeway with the Morrisey Ridge in the background.

The ski conditions were excellent as you might expect. Unfortunately the same could not be said of the skier. :-)

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