New Index... Create a new index. A small window will pop up requesting the name of the new index. Once supplied the index properties window will open to let you specify what to index.
Open Index... Switch to a different index. This is usually more easily done with the drop down at the left of the tool bar, but the open dialog also allows indexes that are no longer needed to be deleted.
Save Index... Immediately saves any changes you have made to the index. The index is automatically saved whenever a build or update is done.
Save Index As... Create a copy of the index with a new name. A pop up window requests the new name. The new index becomes the one currently loaded in the program.
Delete Index... Delete an index. A popup window will request that you to select the index to delete, but you cannot delete the index that is currently open.
Update Options Wilma can check regularly to see if there is a new version or any news about Wilma and this menu item will open a dialog where you can set how often this check is made.

The check is done by sending a simple request to the RedTree web server using normal Web protocols. The only information that is sent it the version of Wilma you are using and the last news item you asked to view. As when you visit any web page on the net, the server also gets your current IP address. None of this can be used to identify you and all that is returned is the links to new updates or news.

If there is none, then this all happens in the background and is invisible. Similarly if you don't happen to be connected to the net, the attempt to connect will quietly quit.

While Wilma is still under active development I would recommend checking every run or every day.

Exit Quit the program. On the Mac this will appear as "Quit WilmaDesktop" on the WilmaDesktop menu.