Year 2000 Compliance Statement

Wilbur uses Microsoft system routines where ever date calculations are required. We believe these routines will be unaffected by dates after December 31st, 1999.

Wilbur has been tested on an unpatched original version of Windows 95 with the date advanced and appeared to perform properly in all respects. In particular the following features were tested:

  • An index build was run during the midnight rollover to the year 2000 and no anomalies were detected.
  • Updates performed correctly after the year 2000 rollover.
  • Display and date sorting of files in the file list performed properly for files with modification dates both before and after the year 2000 rollover.
  • Searches using date criteria performed correctly and found the appropriate files regardless of their modification date.
  • Although not all non date related functions were tested, no anonalies were detected in those that were and of course we have no reason to believe that these functions could be affected.

While RedTree Development Inc. has no reason to believe that Wilbur will be affected by year 2000 dates, our observations do not constitute a guarentee of year 2000 readiness or any extension of our warranty statement in our license agreement.


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