Using Wilbur with PDF Files

Wilbur V2.1B16 introduces the ablility to make use of the open source utility pdftotext to index and display PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. If the pdftotext.exe file is available in the directory Wilbur is run from or somewhere on your system PATH statement, Wilbur will automatically use it.

Of course there is some overhead in the translation process and this can lead to some delay in displaying larger pdf files. To reduce this problem, Wilbur has a option of retaining the translated text versions of the files for quick viewing. This of course requires some additional space in your indexes folder, but these text files are normally much smaller than the source pdf. To enable this option, check the 'Cache PDF Text' option in the dialog that comes up when you select Preferences from the File menu.

The pdftotext program can be obtained from the XPDF site at:

or from our site at:

The only file of interest to Wilbur in this archive is pdftotext.exe and this must either be placed somewhere on your path so that Wilbur can find it. You may first wish to try the pdftotext program from a command window. Simply enter: pdftotext somefile.pdf and it should create a somefile.txt file. You can also try running it from the Wilbur 'Run Command With...' command under the File menu to see if Wilbur can find it correctly.

Pdftotext in turn relies on the open source gzip program which can be obtained from the gzip site:

or from our site:



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